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Terms and Conditions

Detailed explanation about the contest, its conditions, and how to subscribe.

  • Who can participate in this contest?

    You must be 15 years old and Lebanese citizen

  • How can I participate?
    1. Create an account on
    2. Make a profile by entering your required information
    3. Upload your photos
    4. Mention the DATE and LOCATION when the photo was taken
    5. Make sure the photo has no watermark on it
    6. Share your photos on social media and enjoy communicating with other photographers
  • What are the contest themes?
    1. Nature of Lebanon
    2. Photo for Lebanese Crafts
  • How many picture I can post

    10 pictures only for all the subjects.

  • What are the photo rules
    1. The images that won before in any other contests at any time are not eligible.
    2. Photos must be picked up within a period of two years prior to the date of participation.
    3. The image must be less than 8 MB and be the type of JPG or JPEG.
    4. The images with HDR with more than 10% on the original is not preferable.
    5. The photo must be clear from any copyright marks or any signatures.
    6. You must have the original photo in case it is requested by the jury.
  • When the Contest will start

    The contest starts on the 25th of July 2019 and ends on 15th of August 2019

  • What is the cost of participation?

    The contest is for free.

  • How can I make sure that my pictures are well received by you?

    Your pictures will be displayed in your profile after you upload it.

  • What are the prizes?
  • Will I lose copyrights on the my photos?

    Jarir Co. will have a full authority to use the picture, either for publishing or printing or any other issues that are knowing in the mean time or in the future without referring to the member, while you still can use your photo without referring to Jarir Co.

  • I didn't receive confirmation upon registration

    Please double check your junk mail or spam folder, otherwise please contact us on info[@]

  • How will I know if I win?

    Upon your profile information, we will contact you by phone, email and your name will be published on the site, you may be asked to deliver the original photos and the prove the ownership.

  • Who is the contest organizer?

    Jarir Digital Printing Center - Aley, Lebanon is organizing this Green your Screen.

Open Close Dates

  Start time:25-July-2019
End time: 15-Aug-2019

What are the Prizes?

The Jury

  Bernard Renno
Michel Esta
  Aziz Taher