Green your Screen

For the 8th year... and yet to come!!!

Since 2012 with proud!!

Green your Screen is a photo contest in Lebanon for taking the best picture of Lebanese nature in addition to different subjects being a part of the contest every year.

Green your Screen started on 2012 by a community of Lebanese photographers and continuing every year, the community these days is huge, we have thousands of members and pictures about Lebanon and its beautiful nature.

Green your Screen is organized by Jarir Printing Center – Aley and the main is the Lebanese ministry of Environment and Lebanese ministry of Tourism and Cedar Biosphere Reserve.

The objective of Green your Screen is to illustrate the beauty of Lebanon and to give chance for the creative photographers to be close to nature and take care of it and enjoy this hobbies in a peaceful and friendship community.

Green your Screen is in continuous progress every year

Since 2012 until 2019, we can notice an increase every year, Thousands of pictures for Lebanon and other subjects such as Lebanese houses, Lebanese portraits, Macro Photography, heritage...

Our Mission

  1. To elaborate the beauty of Lebanon to the world
  2. To encourage the Lebanese communities to go back to nature
  3. To reserve the beautiful nature of Lebanon
  4. To transfer the heritage to the incoming generation

Green your Screen Sponsors

Open Close Dates

  Start time:25-July-2019
End time: 15-Aug-2019

What are the Prizes?

The Jury

  Bernard Renno
Michel Esta
  Aziz Taher